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Ravishing Raspberry Lemonade

Ravishing Raspberry Lemonade

Our Ravishing Raspberry Lemonade is the epitome of taste perfection - beautifully sharp, fresh, and thirst-quenching with a twist of subtle sweetness. Using only the finest fruits we have expertly blended Sicilian lemon juice with British raspberries to create a thoroughbred drink to tantalise your taste buds.


  • Ingredients and nutritional information

    Sicilian Lemon Juice Not From Concentrate (11%), Raspberry Juice Not From Concentrate (20%), Water, Sparkling Water, Carbon dioxide, Sugar.

    Per 100ml

    Energy: 113kJ (27Kcal)

    Carbohydrates: 7g

    of which sugars: 7g

    Protein: 0.1g

    Salt: <0.05g

    Fat: <0.1g

    of which saturates: <0.1g

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