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Are you products local?

We use local producers and suppliers when we can so the majority of our products are from Somerset. We also produce what we can on the farm to supply the farm shop, We currently produce lamb and pork for the farm shop.

Do you offer shipping or delivery?

We provide free delivery services to customers within the TA5 and TA6 postcodes. For customers elsewhere in the UK, we offer convenient chilled next-day delivery at a flat rate of £14. This ensures that our products reach you swiftly and in the freshest condition possible.

What animals do you keep?

We currently keep sheep, pigs and chicken.

Our sheep are a mix of breeds including LLyens, Jacobs, and Zwarbles. The LLyens are the all white sheep and the Zwarbles and Jacobs are the brown sheep.  

Our pigs at the moment are a saddle back cross. We have also had Gloucester old spots, Berkshire and Tamworth pigs

Our chicken are free range meat birds that we keep on contract so we currently cant sell these in the farm shop but we hope to be able to in the future 

Do you have any gluten-free or allergen-friendly options?

We strive to accommodate various dietary needs and preferences. We do offer gluten-free and allergen-friendly choices whenever possible. Our commitment to inclusivity means that everyone can enjoy our farm-fresh products with peace of mind

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