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Dog Walking Field Terms And Conditions 

By making a booking with Little Clayhill Farm Secure Dog Walking Field, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

1. Bookings

  • The dog walking field can only be booked by appointment using our online booking system. Each booking is private, ensuring that you will be the sole user present during your allotted time slot. The gate should be securely shut and locked behind you on entry, for the safety of you and your animal.

  • Please only park in the gravelled areas, just prior to the entrance of the field and in the air lock to the field.

  • Your dog/s should not be released from your vehicle until the gates are secured, likewise your dog/s should be secured back into your vehicle before unlocking the external gates.

  • Please use the external parking area until your slot becomes available.

  • A gate code will be provided to you one hour prior to your appointment, granting access to the field. Please note that your appointment duration includes the time required for entry and exit.

  • Bookings are personal to the hirer and may not be transferred or sublet. Neither can the slot be extended if you are late.

  • Please be respectfully of your allocated time and leave the field promptly securing the gates on your way out.

  • Please do not allow your dog/s to dig in the field.

  • Should you come across any damage to the fencing/ gates, we would be most grateful if this could be reported to us promptly.

  • There will be no refunds for any missed bookings.

  • CCTV surveillance is in operation to ensure the safety of our customers and property.

2. Grass Establishment

  • Little Clayhill Farm is actively working on establishing new pasture in the field, which has recently converted from fallow arable land into grassland. Please be patient with us as this process takes time.

3. Healthy Dogs

  • Dogs must be adequately vaccinated and wormed to utilize the facilities. If your dog displays any signs of illness, please refrain from using the field out of respect for other pets and their owners.

  • Puppies from 8 weeks old are welcome with proper vaccinations. Rescue dogs from abroad should not visit until 28 days after entering the UK.

  • In the event of illness, including but not limited to kennel cough, sickness, or diarrhoea within the past 72 hours, access to the facilities will be denied with no refund.

4. Assumption of Risk

  • Users acknowledge that their use of the field is at their own risk and agree not to hold Little Clayhill Farm, its owners, or staff liable for any injuries or damages to you, your dog or vehicle, incurred during use.

  • The field contains natural hazards such as uneven ground, wet/ muddy areas, which maybe concealed, and overhanging branches. Users are responsible for their safety and that of their pets.  The area is checked/ maintain regularly.

  • Little Clayhill Farm is not responsible for noise disturbances from neighbouring fields or activities.

  • We will not accept any responsibility for injury, illness, or death of your dog/s from using our facilities.  You are advised to insure your pet for all eventualities.

5. Children and Guests

  • Children are welcome but must be always supervised. The field is not childproof, and certain elements may pose hazards.

  • Guests brought onto the premises are the responsibility of the hirer, who must ensure they adhere to these terms and conditions.

6. Farm Restrictions

  • Users must refrain from entering buildings, fields, or other areas of the farm and maintain a safe distance from livestock and horses.

  • Dogs should be leashed in areas outside of the secure field.

7. Prohibited Activities

  • Smoking, BBQs, and fires are prohibited on-site.

  • Users must not engage in any activity that compromises the integrity of the fencing or poses a risk to themselves or others.

8. Waste Management

  • Users must pick up and properly dispose of their dog's waste. No litter, besides biodegradable poo bags, should be placed in designated bins.

9. Professional Use

  • Individuals using the field for business purposes must carry public liability insurance and adhere to professional standards. Please email a copy of your liability insurance prior to using the exercise field.

10. Banned Breeds

  • Users must comply with legislations regarding banned breeds and provide necessary documentation and public liability insurance which should be emailed to

  • A strict dog handler ratio of 1:1 with their handler at all times unless the other dogs are from the same household.

  • The dog must be kept on a lead and muzzled until the gate is shut when entering the exercise field.

  • The dog must be put back on a lead and muzzled before opening the gate to leave the exercise field.

  • Only dogs from one household can use the exercise filed at any one time.

11. Updates

  • These terms and conditions may be subject to change, and users are bound by the terms in place at the time of booking.

12. Contact Information

  • By booking the field, you consent to Little Clayhill Farm contacting you regarding your reservation.

  • For any inquiries or issues regarding bookings, contact us via email, WhatsApp, or private message on our Facebook page.

13. Intellectual Property

  • All intellectual property rights pertaining to Little Clayhill Farm are reserved, and unauthorized use is prohibited.

We hope you enjoy utilizing Little Clayhill Farm Secure Dog Walking Field as a safe environment for your canine companions.

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